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Rowenta Maestria Ultimate Experience
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Rowenta is a well-known brand and even though it might seem like it, this is not a sponsored post. The truth is, I saw this hairdryer in one of the stores I had collaborated with before, and despite being reasonably satisfied with what I had, I decided to choose a new hairdryer. Et voilá! That’s how the Rowenta Maestria Ultimate Experience came into my life.

Review Rowenta Maestria Ultimate Experience One of the features that makes all the difference in these types of products is the weight.
In the case of this hairdryer, it is very lightweight, which allows for greater comfort when handling it.
According to the brand, it has a Nano Digital BLDC motor with an extra thin 5mm concentrator and a powerful airflow.
Moreover, the brand also mentions the Air to Care technology that emits negative and positive ions, providing up to 93% more shine and smoothness.
In reality, there is a noticeable difference in the drying effect of this hairdryer compared to others. While with others, the hair ends up with more volume (undesirable) and even appears more frizzy, with this one, it turns out smoother.

Rowenta Maestria Ultimate Experience

With the hairdryer, 3 accessories are included:

  • diffuser, ideal for defining curls in curly hair;
  • Ultra-thin 5mm concentrator for styling with a brush, more concentrated;
  • 9mm concentrator for a natural-looking blowout

As I don’t have wavy hair, I end up using the diffuser less. I usually dry my hair without a brush since I usually straighten it later with a flat iron. Nevertheless, in the video above and in the photos I share here, the hair was just dried with the hairdryer, without any round brush. I only used the Blow Drying from Tangle Teezer, which helps to dry hair faster.
The hairdryer has 2 technology: Switch & Style (2 Modes) for Drying and Styling and also 3 speeds and 3 temperatures. I always end up using it at the lowest temperature (as in the case of this hairdryer it’s not completely cold, fortunately) and at the highest speed.Review Rowenta Maestria Ultimate Experience

In conclusion, I am very happy with this hairdryer. The hair already looks shiny and with that beautiful volume, just by drying it without much effort. Furthermore, it dries quickly, and the fact that it is lightweight greatly helps in handling, making it easier to use. What’s your hairdryer like? Any current favorite catching your eye?

*contains affiliate links Rowenta is a brand…


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