Montellano’s earnings rise to 16 million euros in 2023

The Portuguese company under Proclinic Group, which celebrates 50 years, aims to achieve a 10% growth in 2024. The strategy of the medical devices and dental drugs supplier focuses on the consumer sector.

The Portuguese company Montellano, which was acquired by the Spanish group Proclinic in 2023, achieved a turnover of 16 million euros last year, following a 7% growth compared to 2022. Over the last six years, the dental medicine company has grown by 58%, and the goal for 2024 is to reach a 10% growth, according to information provided to Jornal Económico (JE).

The medical devices and drugs distributor, founded in 1974, collaborates with 50 suppliers offering over 80 thousand products from 650 brands. “In such a competitive market, we managed to find our space to grow and have the capacity to stay at the top for so many [50] years,” stated Montellano’s CEO.

Bernardo Montellano admits that “it was not a straight line, but rather a journey with ups and downs.” “On one hand, the ambition to progress, reach more clinics and laboratories, and continuously evolve to provide more and better services to our clients. On the other hand, common sense – sometimes undervalued by managers – to grow sustainably, learn from mistakes, know how to be patient, and identify the right moments to expand,” he commented.

Proclinic, in which Miura Partners has a stake, acquired Montellano precisely a year ago, in May 2023. The investment amount remains confidential, but the family business has grown from a team of 50 people in Portugal to over 500 employees across 32 countries. The portfolio has also expanded to about 120 thousand references. Currently, the focus is on e-commerce and other digital transformation projects.

On the upcoming days of the 17th and 18th, Digital Dental Solutions, Montellano’s laboratory area, will be represented at the APTPD – Associação Portuguesa de Técnicos de Prótese Dentária congress in Porto, and in June, they will host their event, named “Open House Digital Lab Montellano.” Nevertheless, the strategy for 2024 focuses on investing in the consumer sector.

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