Rouge Signature Lipsticks from L’Oréal Paris

L'Óreal Paris Rouge Signature

The lipsticks may have fallen into the background a bit, but they still play a part in my daily routine. Although I’ve been leaning towards more moisturizing options lately, matte lipsticks still win out when it comes to going out for lunch or dinner. Of course, I’m always on the lookout for new shades and textures, especially regarding matte lipsticks. I always seek a balance between longevity, comfort, and ideally price. Keeping this in mind, I couldn’t resist and finally tried out the Rouge Signature from L’Oréal Paris that has been causing quite a stir!

I could understand why there have been so many reviews and praises. The formula is truly lightweight, very liquid as opposed to some matte lipsticks, which tend to be creamier and thicker. For those who are familiar, although not exactly the same, it resembles the formula of YSL’s Tatouage Couture due to its lightness. Perhaps because of this seemingly more watery formula, it becomes more flexible and extremely comfortable, taking a bit longer to dry, but nothing extraordinary that even makes it easier in case a touch-up is needed. I confess that sometimes when I wear it, I even forget that I have it on as it’s practically imperceptible.

Another advantage that greatly aids in application is the droplet-shaped applicator. This makes it much easier to outline precisely with the pointed end and achieve more even coverage with the wider end.

Its lasting power isn’t incredible, but it holds up well for a few hours, although it does require reapplication after eating and drinking.

L'Óreal Paris Rouge Signature Swatches
I tried the formula in two shades, which I chose to be different from what I usually pick: the 130 I Amaze from the Parisian Sunset collection and the 105 I Rule.

The 130 I Amaze is an orange leaning towards a brick/mud color that, contrary to what may seem, can be easily paired with. The 105 I Rule is a mauve pink, almost like a “lip tone” but more pink.

L'Óreal Paris Rouge Signature

Have you tried this formula? What are your favorite matte lipsticks?

The lipsticks may have fallen into the background a bit, so they are often the ones I reach for when heading out for a meal…

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