Rally Championship, Portugal Rally, Sami Pajari: “the vehicle is improving with every rally”

By on 9 May 2024 14:09

Victorious in the WRC3 Junior and WRC3 Open at the 2022 Portugal Rally with the Ford Fiesta Rally3, last year in Rally2, things did not go well for them, but they return this year with a different pace and perspective. We are talking about Sami Pajari/Enni Mälkönen (Toyota GR Yaris Rally2) whose driver has been pointed to the Toyota official team in the future and everything he is doing, he is doing well. He debuted this year with the new Toyota Yaris Rally2, and we spoke with him: “It has been good since the beginning of the year, second in Sweden, third in Croatia, it has been quite good so far, the vehicle has been evolving well, obviously, it is getting better with every rally,” said Sami Pajari, who spoke about the strengths of the car? “I highlight the reliability, the car is quite strong, in the tests we had, we pushed it hard and nothing broke, and also the engine torque which is really good,” said Pajari, who is working to reach the Toyota official team: “it should be our focus, so far I have taken the right steps, things have been going well, we never know how they will evolve, but I hope that everything will work out in some time.” As for the Portugal Rally: “the level of drivers is getting better in the WRC2, but I think things will be balanced here in Portugal”

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