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Kérastase Soleil for protecting hair from the sun

Summer holidays are (almost) always synonymous with lots of sunshine, beach, and pool. The sun combined with pool chlorine or sea salt and beach sand contribute to drier, rougher, and even harder to comb hair.

At this moment, one (if not THE brand) of my favorite hair care brands is Kérastase. Among the different ranges and products that I had yet to try, the Soleil range was one of them. This year, I came across this French Riviera kit with 3 products: shampoo, mask, and UV cream in the perfect size for vacation, and decided to give it a try.

Kérastase Soleil

Soleil After-Sun Moisturizing Shampoo

Do not be mistaken into thinking that any shampoo will do because its only purpose is to cleanse. While that is true, the difference lies in some shampoos that “over-cleanse,” leaving the hair feeling “dry” and rough. At this time, I prefer a balance: a shampoo that fulfills its role of cleansing but without leaving the hair “too clean.” I must admit that I really liked this shampoo precisely for that reason: it cleanses and leaves the hair clean, effectively removing chlorine or salt but still leaving it soft and not overly clean.

Soleil After-Sun Mask

Masks are the Kérastase products that I have enjoyed getting to know the most. This mask with a balm-like texture immediately leaves the hair smoother and nourished. Noteworthy is the scent throughout the line, with coconut water, perfectly matching the summer mood!

Soleil UV Sublime Cream

I love leave-ins! Period! And this cream is perhaps the product I enjoyed trying the most. I apply it to towel-dried hair and let it air dry or use a hairdryer. It is an excellent complement to the mask to help keep the hair healthy and beautiful, especially because in addition to coconut water, which is present throughout the line, it contains vitamin E (anti-aging action) and UV filters.

Kérastase Soleil

Now, I have to try the Siren Oil from this line that so many people talk about! Who has already tried it? What are your favorites?

Summer holidays are (almost) always synonymous with mu…

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