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“A paz mundial não poderá ser preservada sem esforços inovadores
que estejam à altura dos perigos que a ameaçam.”
Declaração Schuman, 9 de maio de 1950.

Release of the commemorative Europe Day video
Direção-Geral da Educação, Ministério da Educação, Ciência e Inovação 
Centro de Informação Europeia Jacques Delors, MNE

Europe Day: Special playlist featuring artists from across the European Union
Instituições da União Europeia
Europe Day: calendar of celebrations
Comissão Europeia, Representação em Portugal | 08.05.2024
Europe Day: monuments across the EU illuminated one month before European elections
Parlamento Europeu | 06.05.2024
Giveaway Contest, Europe Month Participate from May 1st to 9th!.
Comissão Europeia, Representação em Portugal 

Europe Day, May 9

Europe Day is celebrated on May 9, commemorating the Schuman Declaration, delivered on May 9, 1950, which marked the first step towards building a united Europe based on peace, prosperity, and the well-being of European peoples.

Recent global events and, particularly, those along the borders of the European Union (EU) have shown that maintaining peace must always be a top priority and that we all have a responsibility to contribute by defending and promoting the universal values on which the European Union is founded.

The Union is based on the principle of representative democracy. Citizen participation is a key component of European democracy, so this year we highlight the European Elections in the Europe Day celebrations, the elections that will determine the composition of the European Parliament (2024-2029) and will take place in Portugal on June 9. Join in! Only with the participation of citizens can European policies be legitimized.

Therefore, several initiatives will take place throughout May to celebrate the European Union and to promote its knowledge and discussion.

The Jacques Delors European Information Center is part of these celebrations through:

  • sending materials and content to Portuguese Embassies and Consulates;
  • providing educational materials and content to Schools;
  • conducting “Jacques Delors Classes” on European topics;
  • participating in events organized by other entities.

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