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Avène Cleanance

Acne is no longer a concern limited to younger individuals. It is becoming increasingly common in adult skin as well, requiring care that may be similar to younger skin but sometimes that alone is not enough.

A while back, Sweetcare sent a routine to try and share. You may have already seen it on Instagram, but I’m finally sharing it here with more details. Don’t forget to apply the code GIFTLILIANA (*affiliate code) to ensure extra samples.   Avène Cleanance cleansing gel review


A beauty routine always begins with skincare cleansing. This can be preceded by other products to remove makeup, but cleaning the skin is essential. The Avène Cleanance cleansing gel is suitable for all oily and acne-prone skin. It cleanses the skin gently without leaving it tight, as sometimes happens with these products and should not (they should never be too astringent because if they are, they can “worsen” the skin condition. The product comes in a tube format, easy to handle. The 400ml quantity comes in a pump format, which makes it easier to dose, minimizing contact with the air.

Avène Cleanance Comedomed anti-blemishes concentrate


For those dealing with acne, in many cases, they face systematic appearance of pimples that sometimes occur in the form of painful comedones. To correct pimples and comedones, helping to prevent their reappearance, the brand offers the Avène Comedomed anti-imperfections concentrate. The texture is light, easily absorbed, and has no fragrance (only a characteristic scent of its active ingredients, being the only one of the products presented in this post without fragrance). This product helps to combat pimples and also prevents their reappearance. I ended up using it only on areas more prone to pimples, initially more localized, but more recently, I ended up using it in a more extensive area. According to the brand, this can be used alone or in conjunction with anti-acne medication treatments (excluding oral isotretinoin). However, if you are undergoing any treatment prescribed by a dermatologist, always consult their medical opinion! According to the brand, this is suitable for any age. The pump format is ideal for dosing while minimizing contact with the air, helping to preserve the formula.

Avène Cleanance Women corrective serum

The Avène Cleanance Women corrective serum was my favorite product, along with the cleansing gel. A serum more targeted for acne in adult skin (as the range name suggests: Cleanance Woman), very fluid, without leaving the skin tight. According to the brand, the ingredients:

  • Synovea™HR, responsible for limiting the oxidation of sebum and thus reducing the appearance of blackheads and imperfections;
  • P-Refinyl® to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores;
  • Glycolic and Lactic Acids help even out and refine the skin texture.

What I noticed when using it regularly was a generalized improvement in the skin texture: less dilated pores and more uniform. Additionally, the texture is fluid and very easy to spread, but unlike some similar products, it leaves the skin comfortable without tightening. I confess I loved it and it was the first product to “finish” – I used it in the morning with a basic moisturizer and at night before the night care from the same range. For those who prefer fragrance-free products, I do not recommend it, but personally, I was surprised by the very pleasant scent that does not always accompany this type of product.

Also with a pump dispenser.

Avène Cleanance Woman smoothing night care

The Avène Cleanance Woman smoothing night cream  with an orange-like texture immediately catches the eye; however, for the skeptics, the skin does not turn orange or have any tone. The texture is more velvety, and although it is a night care, it is suitable for acne-prone skin as it does not feel heavy on the skin. According to the brand, the star ingredients of this product are:
  • Synovea™ also present in the serum;
  • retinaldehyde, a direct precursor of retinoic acid (meaning that it converts to retinoic acid upon contact with the skin), helps in reducing hyperpigmentation and stimulates collagen and elastin production;

Retinol or retinaldehyde is used because it is usually more tolerable for the skin when compared to retinoic acid – it should always be used at night with reinforced SPF during the day. The skin felt very comfortable just right without weighing it down. Together with the serum, the skin texture improved immensely. Like the previous product, it also has a fragrance that, for me, is a personal matter, I found it very pleasant. Pump packaging, which once again minimizes the formula’s contact with the air.

Of course, today’s post focuses on a set of products sent, but I must emphasize that it is always convenient and preferable, in case of any doubt, to seek professional help from a dermatologist.

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Acne is no longer exclusively a concern for…

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