Stunning Dior Red Trafalgar 5-Color Couture

One of the most beautiful eyeshadow quintets probably belongs to Dior. The elegant dark blue packaging with silver details only makes them even more sophisticated and a coveted product.

For my first 5-Color Couture experience, I chose the combination of 879 TrafalgarRouge. I was initially drawn to the shade in the center but ended up liking all of them, as you’ll see below.

Detailed review of the Dior 5-Color Couture Rouge Trafalgar eyeshadow palette.

Overall, the pigmentation is good, and I had already tried some Dior eyeshadows back when I worked in a retail store, and they are probably one of the high-end luxury brands with the best pigmentation. Above, you can see swatches of each shadow in this quintet, starting with the center shadow and then proceeding clockwise in the direction.

Shadow #1 – a slightly dark red with warm undertones and a satin touch. The color pops with just one stroke, in a smooth formula that is easy to blend without fallout.

Shadow #2 – a warm brown with plum tones. Highly pigmented and smooth, it is the darkest shade in the quintet.

Shadow #3 – this is a warm mauve tone with a pearlescent finish. For me, it’s one of the most beautiful shadows in this quintet.

Shadow #4 – a pink leaning towards coral with a pearlescent finish. Ideal for use all over the lid as a base, although the pigmentation is not as intense as the previous shadows.

Shadow #5 – a transparent shade where you can practically see the holographic shimmer with a touch of pink. It’s hard to evaluate the pigmentation of this shadow since it lacks a base tone and is intended for use as a highlighter. It reminds me of some of the brand’s highlighters, more translucent with shimmer but not glittery. It has some fallout.

This quintet has some of the most beautiful shadows in my collection, especially the red and plum-brown (a new name I came up with). It surprises with the quality of pigmentation, which is sometimes lost by luxury/perfumery brands (they claim it should be subtle for some, even!). The quality of the shadows is evident in their smooth texture and how they glide with a brush, not dusty like some shadows tend to be. If you are looking for something high-end and quality, I certainly recommend it.

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One of the most beautiful eyeshadow quintets probably belongs to Dior…

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