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A unique envelope originating from Germany, commemorating the 1300th celebration of the romanesque sanctuary in Reichenau. Saint George’s Church, a Catholic place of worship, belongs to Reichenau Abbey, established in 724, situated on the Reichenau islet on Lake Constance in the southern region of Germany. The island accommodates the establishments of Saint Mary, Marcus, Peter, and Paul. This sacred structure was constructed in the concluding part of the 9th century to safeguard the relic head of Saint George, a present from Pope Gregory II, given in memory of Abbot Hoito’s voyage to Rome in 896. The interior of the church is ornamented with murals portraying narratives and characters from the scriptures, tailored for individuals committed to a life of devotion and prayer. The Reichenau isle acquired recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2000. As per UNESCO, the insular territory, along with the frescoes of the Church at St. George, holds safeguarding status rooted in the subsequent points: the remnants serve as evidence of the influence of Medieval Benedictine cloisters; they serve as a magnificent model of monastic architecture in Central Europe spanning the 9th to 11th centuries; and they held immense artistic significance across Europe during that era.

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