Tetra Benfica Racing Power 22 Jornada Liga BPI


Liga BPI
22nd round
INT: 1-0
Benfica 2
Racing Power 1
Carole Costa 38′ pk
Carole Costa 90’+1′ pk
Lúcia Lobato 85′

A historic day for the women’s football team from Benfica! Depending only on themselves, in the 22nd and final round of Liga BPI, the red collective defeated Racing Power (2-1), clinching the Tetracampeonato. In a match full of emotions, Carole Costa scored twice from the penalty spot, being decisive for the outcome!

On this Saturday, May 11, the celebration was immense, in total communion with the Benfica fans who filled the stands at Field No. 1 of Benfica Campus. Another page of glory was written by the Inspiradoras, dominant on the national scene.

At the end of the League, the record showed 18 wins and two draws in 22 rounds, totaling 56 points. The eagles scored 66 goals, conceding 12.

On the field, under the fans’ encouragement, and with the presence of President Rui Costa, Benfica started with great momentum. Already in the 3rd minute, after a move by Lúcia Alves on the right, Francisca Nazareth, in the heart of the area, shot saved by Michaely Bihina.

Benfica's Starting Eleven

Benfica, the love of my life“, the fans chanted in the stands painted in red and white!

At 8 minutes, after a combination with Francisca Nazareth, Lúcia Alves aimed at the goal, the ball deflected off an opponent and the Racing Power’s goalkeeper held it. Speeding things up, at 9′, Andreia Norton, with a header, also shot towards goal, but at the goalie.

With more possession, against the 3rd placed team, at 13′ Nycole Raysla took a shot, missing the target.

Always warmly supported, Lúcia Alves received applause, as a form of encouragement, as she was down on the pitch complaining, at 17′, and needed assistance. With great determination, she quickly recovered.

Without losing sight of Racing Power’s goal, Francisca Nazareth, at the edge of the box, tested Bihina again, who held onto the ball (21′).

Benfica Fans at Benfica Campus

Show your strength, desire, and ambition, we just want Benfica as champions“, the fans sang, encouraging the players on the field who were contesting each move with determination.

Showing security in the backline, the eagles gave little space to the opponent, focused on quick transitions to attack.

Seeking the opening goal, at 29′, Anna Gasper took a corner from the right, and Chandra Davidson headed for another good stop by Bihina.

At 33′, Andreia Faria went down in the opposition area, in a challenge with Bárbara Azevedo. Referee Sara Alves quickly pointed to the penalty spot, but, alerted by VAR, she reviewed the images. After a few minutes, she announced the decision: “After review, player no. 5 [Bárbara Azevedo] tackles opponent [Andreia Faria] negligently.”

Benfica's Goal

Confirmed the penalty, there were cheers, and on the spot, at 39′, Carole Costa, very focused, scored the 1-0! A lot of celebration at Benfica Campus and players celebrating with substitutes and the rest of the staff on the red bench.

May you be a champion, Benfica! The love of my life“, the Benfica fans supported.

In a match sponsored by AMATOS Car, the Inspiradoras reached halftime in front (1-0).

It was a time for tributes on the pitch. The U-19 women’s team, national champions, and the U-17 women’s team, district tricampeãs, displayed their trophies, being applauded and congratulated by vice-president Fernando Tavares.

The start of the second half was perfect. At 46′, after a pass from Christy Ucheibe and a deflection off an opponent, Chandra Davidson, opportunely, in the area, shot for a save by Bihina, but on the rebound, already falling, scored accurately for the 2-0!

Benfica-Racing Power

Once again, the match official, alerted by VAR, reviewed the images for several minutes and ultimately disallowed the goal, explaining that the red attacker was offside at the moment of Christy Ucheibe’s pass.

With no changes to the scoreline, the match continued evenly. Lena Pauels, at 61′, comfortably saved the shot from Jennifer Vetter.

In the stands, even the non-called up players by the encarnada coach supported their teammates. Trying to get more chances in Benfica’s box, Racing Power attempted another shot, by Evy Pereira, which went wide. At 65′, from a direct free-kick, Gerda Ingrid also threatened.

The Benfica fans sang even louder, to boost the confidence of the eagles. “Benfica, Benfica“, they chanted, animating the players on the field to contest every move with dedication.

Benfica-Racing Power

On the first substitution by Filipa Patão, many claps for Andreia Norton, who was substituted, as well as for Marie Alidou, who entered at 77′.

Against the flow of the game, Racing Power equalized (1-1), through Lúcia Lobato, after a free-kick from the right (85′), a result that didn’t serve the Reds. The fans spurred on the Inspiradoras and at 87′, Lúcia Alves was fouled in the Racing Power’s area by Sini Laaksonen. Penalty kick awarded. Lúcia had to be substituted (Catarina Amado came in), the fans sang the name of the Portuguese international, while Carole Costa took on the responsibility of the 11 meters kick.

Unflappable, the center-back didn’t falter and brought joy to the fans present at Benfica Campus! On the bench, even more support was requested!

Benfica's Goal

With 2-1, at 90’+1′, there were nine minutes of stoppage time left. “We just want Benfica as champion” – this was the motto for the remainder of the game.

On the bench, the Benfica players were already standing, celebrating by 90’+10′, until the final whistle blew and everyone was jubilant!

Followed by hugs, tears of joy, especially from Pauleta, who spent a good part of the season recovering from an injury. Jumps of joy, after all, “Benfica won,” as the fans sang.

“I love Benfica!”, was also heard, in a full mood of euphoria, with the athletes wearing scarves alluding to Tetra. “And jump Kika, and jump Kika,” the Benfica fans asked, addressing jersey number 10, who complied.

Benfica-Racing Power

Top scorer of Liga BPI, with 17 accurate shots, Francisca Nazareth was indeed honored with the trophy for her achievement, in a moment preceding the trophy presentation to the Tetracampeãs. The eagle’s playmaker also received the award for Best Player of Liga. Author of both goals of the victory, Carole Costa was elected Woman of the Match.

With a guard of honor from the U-17 and U-19 encarnadas, the players were called one by one, as well as the staff, always under the ovations of the Benfica fans. With the championship medals, captains Sílvia Rebelo and Pauleta lifted the coveted trophy!

The traditional We are the Champions echoed in a new celebration moment! And the Cup was being lifted among the fans, on a glorious afternoon!

Benfica Fans at Benfica Campus

Celebratory Atmosphere from Early On

Long before the match scheduled for 2:00 pm, at the entrance of Benfica Campus, hundreds of people awaited the opening of the gates. Dressed appropriately, they were getting ready for an afternoon supporting the Inspiradoras. Inside, during the warm-up exercises, after the announcement of the Benfica’s starting eleven and substitutes, there were many applauses whenever the speaker mentioned the name of each Inspiradora.

To the sound of Ser Benfiquista, sung at the top of their lungs by the fans, the athletes took the field, sang as well, and gave a bow to the Benfica fans present in the central stands and the top. The final words of Filipa Patão followed, in a circle revealing the cohesion of the group. “Sport Lisboa e Benfica“, they shouted.


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