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Idôle Eau de parfum
Idôle was a long-awaited fragrance!

Following the release of La Vie est Belle in 2012, Lancôme had been releasing various versions (the flankers) of this and other fragrances, but nothing entirely new. That changed in 2019 with Idôle, whose story is as fascinating as its scent.

Idôle Eau de parfum

Created by three perfumers: Shyamala Maisondieu, Nadege Le Garlantezec, and Adriana Medina, three women who collaborated to produce this incredibly feminine result. The main message of this fragrance is the concept of confidence for women to become their own inspiration, their idol – strong and powerful.

Idôle Eau de parfum

Additionally, the slender bottle design with the carefully sustainably sourced notes conveys the notion of travel and the free spirit of each of us. This is the standout feature that makes this perfume a work of art, with the transparency and relief of the glass juxtaposed with the metal providing some structure but little practicality due to the limited support base.

Idôle Eau de parfum

Of course, when it comes to perfumes, what everyone wants to know about are the notes. The notes are as bright as the bottle suggests, with bergamot and pear in the opening.

In the heart notes, the rose takes center stage, an icon of the brand that includes the rose petals from Isparta (Turkey) exclusively developed for Lancôme, and the iconic Centifolia Rose from France. These are joined by the Grandiflorum Jasmine from India in a unique floral combination.

In the base, white musk and vanilla come together to create a new clean & glow accord, defined as a new encouragement for every woman to rewrite her story.

Idôle Eau de parfum

A fragrance that emerges as an ode to femininity and undoubtedly captivates women of all ages. Who among you has already been enchanted?

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