Half of the Stopover passengers from TAP arrived from Brazil – Aviation

The TAP Portugal Stopover program attracted an additional 214 thousand tourists to the country in 2023, and the American continent dominated ticket purchases that have Lisbon or Porto as a free stop, the airline reported in a press release this Wednesday, May 8.  

Launched in 2016, this program allows airline customers to travel to two destinations for the price of one, by including a stop of up to ten days at any time during the trip, in the capital or in Invicta.

In the past year, the Portugal Stopover was recognized for the fifth consecutive time as “the best in the world by the American magazine Global Travele”, the press release reveals.

Almost half (49%) of the customers came from Brazilian airports, with São Paulo leading the demand, followed by Rio de Janeiro and Recife. Brazilian travelers using TAP’s service chose Paris, Rome, and Madrid as their preferred final destinations. 

Meanwhile, American customers, especially those coming from New York, accounted for 20% of these ticket purchases, with the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Madrid, as well as the Italian Rome, being the main chosen destinations.

Funchal and Ponta Delgada are also among the preferences of passengers, placing the Portuguese Autonomous Regions in the “top 10.”  

The Portugal Stopover program also allows for a second stop in another Portuguese city, where TAP offers a 25% discount on domestic flights.  

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