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Autumn 2021 fragrances news

The chilly weather is starting to be felt and with the onset of autumn, many novelties emerge, especially in terms of perfumes. Brands have chosen to revamp fragrances, already well-known to us, by mixing or reshuffling unique notes and ingredients. I did some research and share 6 aromatic novelties.
Black Opium is already for me a fragrance for colder days, perhaps due to the cozy coffee aroma, now in a more intense version in this Black Opium Extreme (1.). More spicy, with even more prominent coffee notes enhanced by the sweet and luxurious Bourbon vanilla. I am a fan of the original and I confess that I really want to try this new version.
Among the fragrances I’m sharing here, Chloé Naturelle (2.) is probably the freshest fragrance of all presented here. This fragrance follows the brand’s line of wanting to be more eco-friendly, with a fragrance containing alcohol of natural origin, vegan, and with packaging made from recycled materials. The fragrance itself includes organically sourced roses in the heart, the freshness of cider at the top, and cedar at the base.

In terms of “fragrance versions,” we also have Givenchy’s L’Interdit Rouge (3.). According to the brand, this is the most sensual version featuring spicy notes of ginger and the sensuality of blood orange. Remaining from the original “DNA” are tuberose and jasmine.

Also in a more intense version, we have My Way Intense by Giorgio Armani (4.). Here, the citrusy freshness of bergamot from the original is replaced by bitter orange at the top. White musk lends more intensity in a new journey of ingredients from the 4 corners of the world.
Marc Jacobs also did not want to be left out of the intense versions and comes with a new version in Perfect Intense (5.). It is impossible to talk about Marc Jacobs’s fragrances without mentioning the bottle and the Perfect line; they have the most beautiful caps I have ever seen. Once again, this fragrance is inspired by the designer’s mantra about everyone being perfect just as they are (#perfectasiam), with floral notes of narcissus and lady of the night at the top enveloped by the heart of toasted almonds and the warmth of the sandalwood base. Certainly, a fragrance for those who love sweeter scents.
And lastly, Wanted Girl by Night by Azzaro (6.) joins the chapter of more intense fragrances. Sweet chantilly with rum emerges in the top notes, while in the heart, a special flower from a cactus that only blooms at night is featured. Patchouli in the base gives the final touch to this gourmand fragrance with a very feminine and sensual side.

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The chilly weather is starting to be felt and with the onset of…


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